Randy Quaid Released The Least Anticipated Sex Tape Of All Time

NSFW Obviously



Goddammit, Randy, you broke the internet! But congratulations! You just unseated Danny DeVito as the most disgusting man on the planet. I think my apartment smells worse for having watched this video. Which makes you wonder how Randy Quaid sunk this low. I realize he’s insane but from what I’ve seen in this video my apartment is nicer than the hole Cousin Eddy is living in now.

But back to the film. I really appreciated the selfie stick Randy was using. It really upped the production value of the whole project. The original music was a classy touch although the audio was marred a little bit by the incessant barking. I’m not fluent in Dog but that mutt is clearly screaming “NO NOT AGAIN, WHY, GOD, WHY”?, right? I don’t blame him. Quaid’s wife is living proof that there’s a lid for every pot. Just a sad sack of a lady who apparently is every bit as batshit insane as Randy is. It was reassuring to see I’m not the only one that requires their lovers to wear a Rupert Murdoch mask when they’re having sex. I was beginning to worry that I was a weirdo. Overall I give it a D-. It took me forever to get off to this.

PS- This reminded me: Why wasn’t Randy invited to SNL 40? #PMC


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