Super Troopers 2 Is Happening

“The time is meow.” That’s what the guys fromBroken Lizard have to say about Super Troopers 2. After years of teasing fans and assuring them the film is on the way, the sequel is finally coming. 20th Century Fox has agreed to distribute the film but they need to see that the fans care. To show that fan support, Broken Lizard has started a Super Troopers 2 Indiegogopage hoping to raise at least $2 million. If it doesn’t raise $2 million, the film won’t happen. If they raise more, they’ll do bigger stuff in the movie. The hope is to shoot this summer and release in early 2016. UPDATED: The initial $2 million was reached in a single day. This movie is happening. Now it’s just about how big the movie can get. Read more below. Collider broke the Super Troopers 2 release news. Head there to see a full interview with the cast. But the big news can be found on That’s where you can find the really awesome perks that range from movie tickets to actually winning the car in the movie. They’ve also filmed a really funny pitch video featuring the whole gang in character (not embeddable). Fox has agreed to distribute, so if the film gets funded, it will get a release. That’s a big difference between this film and 99% of other movies being crowdsourced.

Well that was quick. It only took 2 days for stoners the world over to throw their money at this project. I’m a little confused as to why this crowdfunding even needed to happen. Super Troopers made $23 million of a million dollar budget, per Wikipedia my sources. That’s a pretty solid return on investment. And everybody knows sequels are always better than the original. Like Rocky V or Caddyshack II.

I’m a big fan of Broken Lizard. I’m more of a Beerfest guy but Super Troopers is a hilarious film as well. The movies they make aren’t exactly Citizen Kane but I always end up laughing. Their target demographic is frat bros and college kids stoned out of their gourd anyway. But I’d still never donate to one of these things. I’m not going to pay money so a movie can get made so I can pay more money to see it. I just don’t care about any movie or TV show to invest in it’s creation. There’s just too many alternatives now-a-days. Plus I’m a poor.

PS- I’d give George RR Martin every last cent I own for the final 2 Game of Thrones books to be done right now.


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