Today In Septa: Teenager Knocked Out A 60-Year Old Man Because He Stepped On His Shoe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — SEPTA police are asking for the public’s help identifying a person who they say is responsible for an assault on their Market-Frankford train line. SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel says the incident happened shortly after 3 p.m. Monday. “This is a bunch of kids that were on the train behaving prior to the incident and something occurring with an adult who gets on the train,” said Chief Nestel. Chief Nestel says the 60-year-old who was getting on the train accidentally stepped on a teenager’s shoe and after that words were exchanged. “A number of the girls were getting in between and breaking up this verbal altercation,” said Nestel. Nestel says the attempted mediation was no help, because when the parties exited the train at 15th Street one of the teens punched the man knocking him unconscious and breaking his jaw. “The final point where there is a physical altercation where it goes from a verbal altercation to the physical altercation is horrifying. He didn’t know the punch was coming,” said Nestel. Police are asking for the public’s help as they identify the people involved.

Two words: Scum. Bag. People who throw sucker punches are the scum of the Earth. And that’s without factoring in that this kid sucker punched an old man. If you really want to go to war over a pair of scuffed sneakers at least be man enough to fight fair against this senior citizen.

I don’t really understand what the Police Chief is getting at by mentioning that the kids were “behaving” prior to this kids giving the old man a blindside mollywhop. I don’t think they really deserve much credit for standing on the subway like normal human beings before one of them attacked this old guy. Next you’ll be giving them credit for not continuing the attack once the old man’s brain went into sleep mode.


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