Chris Hansen Is Doing A Kickstarter To Bring Back To Catch A Predator

Chris Hansen is heading to Kickstarter to create a new version of To Catch a Predator. The series, which involved Hansen confronting men who sought out underage sex partners, ended in 2007, but now Hansen is looking for $400,000 in funding to bring a new version of it online. According to the Los Angeles Times, the new show will be calledHansen vs. Predator and will debut online before later being sold to TV networks. Hansen says that he decided crowdfunding was “the best way” to get the series made, though it’s very possible that networks just shot him down. “There is a pent-up demand from viewers for another investigation,” Hansen tells the Times. “And from a technology standpoint, the landscape has really changed since we did the last one.” The new series sounds as though it’ll be about the same as the old one, involving hidden cameras and online stings. “When we did it before, there were chat rooms on AOL and Yahoo,” Hansen says. “Now there are 22 ways to communicate online.” Kickstarter is a natural place for Hansen to go. For one, Predator is an investigative series that’s very much about the use of the internet, so online audiences may be more receptive. But moreover, Hansen’s image and catchphrase (“Have a seat”) have lived on as memes online. Other properties with cult followings — like Veronica Mars — have already shown that crowdfunding can be used to their advantage. Predator was a ratings star on TV, too, so there’s a good chance that Hansen will find plenty of old fans willing to fund more episodes.

Like I addressed in my blog about Super Troopers 2 I don’t ever see myself donating to one of these things (because I’m a poor):

But just like with Super Troopers 2 I hope this gets made and I assume it will. Everyone loves To Catch A Predator. What’s not to love? You get to feel great about yourself while you watch these perverts getting catfished by Chris Hansen. What takes it to another level is the amount of joy Chris Hansen gets from busting these dirtbags. He loves every second of it. The man has found his calling. I wish I loved anything as much as Hansen loves To Catch A Predator.


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