Matt Barnes Said AI Used To Drop 40k A Night At The Strip Club

Allen Iverson isn’t exactly a pillar of financial responsibility. Much has been made in recent years about Iverson’s being broke (or maybe not broke), and there are few expensive ventures you could rattle off involving The Answer that would make me stop in my tracks and say, “Nope. No way he did that.” If it cost a lot and was around in the mid-2000s, Iverson did it. In this vein, Matt Barnes’ recent comments regarding Iverson’s spending habits at strip clubs come as a small surprise. Barnes, who played alongside Iverson on the 2005-06 Philadelphia 76ers, told Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard that he used to watch the 76ers superstar throw between $30,000 and $40,000 at gentlemen’s clubs whenever they went out: Allen was the first guy that showed me how NBA players spend money in strip clubs. That guy went. HARD. He’d throw so much money, and this was when I was first in the league, that I used to take my foot and scoop the s–t under my chair and either re-throw it or put some in my pocket. He’d throw $30,000, $40,000 every time we went. I’m like, “You realize what I can do with this money?”

The takeaway here isn’t AI’s being financially donkeybrained. We knew that, the guy used to buy a whole new wardrobe everywhere the team went rather than pack. It’s how cheap and grimy Matt Barnes. You’re a professional athlete and you’re stealing from fucking strippers. There’s lives are pretty bleak without you skimming off the top when their favorite customer comes to town. I haven’t heard of a celebrity being that cheap since Carl Weathers was Tobias Funke’s “acting” coach:

If you told me an NBA player was doing something like this, this guy would have been pretty high on my guess list:


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