Things Are Not Looking Good For The Sixers Potential Draft Picks

What a kick in the dick. It looks like all 3 of the draft picks that the Sixers acquired for the upcoming draft are going to roll over to next season. In case you haven’t been watching the Sixers need that help fucking yesterday. Here’s the breakdown:

The OKC Thunder Pick

(Top-18 Protected, OKC Tanking Position:19th)

This one is deader than disco. OKC only has 3 games left so they statistically cannot catch Washington. This one hurt the most because at the time of the trade it looked like a pretty safe bet that the Sixers would be getting it this year. OKC, when healthy, is one of the most talented teams in the league. Unfortunately, Durant’s injury took a team that was a legit title contender and turned them into an 8th seed.

It’s gonna suck when this rolls over until next year and ends up being like a 27th pick because Ibaka, Westbrook, and Durant have the Thunder back competing for a championship. (It’s Top-15 protected next year by the way.)

The Miami Heat Pick

(Top-Ten Protected, Heat Tanking Position:10th)

This one is still alive technically. Miami has to beat the Magic and the Sixers and either the Jazz, Pacers, or Nets have to lose out. The Heat are out of playoff contention so they aren’t the most motivated team right now but even a half-hearted effort should be enough to best the worldbeaters that are the Magic and Sixers. Even if they do win out and one of the 3 teams listed above loses out it still comes down to a coinflip to decide who gets the 10th and 11th pick.

Again the injury bug sunk the Sixers here. With the Heat’s healthy lineup (Dragic, Wade, Deng, Bosh, Whitehead) they are undoubtedly a playoff team especially in the East. But the vets that are in charge of Bosh said the clots in his lung were going to keep him out until next season. Luckily for Chris, Lebron was kind enough to tweet him some love so it’s all good. The pick is still Top 10 protected next year so I’d be surprised if they didn’t get it then. Still, it would have been ideal for that to turn into the 11th pick.

The LA Lakers Pick

(Top-Five Protected, Lakers Tanking Position:4th)

This one is all up to the way the ping pong balls bounce. The Lakers are locked in at the #4 spot in the lottery sandwiched in between the Sixers and the Magic. Two teams with less balls in the lotto would have to jump the Lakers for this pick to stay in Quaker City. It’s only a 19% chance but crazier things have happened. This one is only protected Top 3 next year so it’s pretty safe to say they’d at least get it next year. And barring a huge move in the offseason (looking at you Kevin Love) the Laker’s pick should still be top 10 or so next year.

God this was a depressing blog to write. Here’s a Vine of Dario Saric balling out to ease the pain.



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