Ronaldo Dropped 43 Grand On A Statue Of Himself

In a move that would only be bested by Alex Rodriguez’s sadly fictional painting of himself as a centaur, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has shelled out $43,000 for a statue of himself, according to The Telegraph

The waxwork is modeled after the one that Ronaldo already pays an obscene amount of money to keep meticulously groomed while it’s on display at the Madrid Wax Museum. The Real Madrid player commissioned the same sculptor who is responsible for his original statue. “We still had the mold that we’d used to sculpt him in 2013, so this copy was a complete duplicate,” the statue’s sculptor Michael Wade told The Sun, according to The Telegraph. “And Ronaldo sent us a football kit and his latest boots to make it up to date. We left the hair alone, because that’s exactly how he wanted it.”

(Went with Clerks 2 instead of the original to avoid any man-pubes)

You know what the most ridiculous thing is about this crazy act of vanity and narcissism? This is the SECOND wax statue Cristiano Ronaldo has of himself. 2 statues. How small is this guys dick that he has too overcompensate to this level? He’s one of the best soccer players in the world (or so I’ve heard, not a big footie guy) and he needs to do shit like this? If I were him I’d be too busy disappointing supermodels to worry about shit like this.

This strike me as a move that Dennis Reynolds would 100% pull if he had the means to do it. Total sociopath move.


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