Alan Rickman Dead at 69

Alan Rickman Picture

First David Bowie and now Alan Rickman. Both of them seemingly out of nowhere. Definitely not a good week to be a 69 year old British man that’s beloved by nerds.

There seems to be an age gap across the Internet based on how people are mourning. Most people my age know Alan Rickman mainly as the guy who played Snape to perfection in the Harry Potter films. People a bit older (or less nerdy than me) remember him as Hans Gruber, arguably the single greatest villain in an action movie ever.

Either way the combination of that impossibly deep voice and that cold emotionless stare made him the perfect villain whether he was holding John McClane & company hostage or bullying an orphan wizard because his dad was a dick to him in magic high school.

While most people are focusing on his two main roles I think my favorite Alan Rickman movie might be the criminally underrated Dogma. It’s the best Kevin Smith for my money and has one of the most ridiculously stacked casts of all time. It’s like an Ocean’s Eleven of funny people. (I should probably also factor in that after a childhood of Catholic/Jesuit school I was more than happy to see someone take a shot at the church. And the fact that I’m pretty sure Comedy Central ran that movie about once a week when I was in middle school. Seriously, this may mainly be based on some kind of TV-induced Stockholm Syndrome).

It’s sad to see an actor like Rickman go and with his death the Celebrity Rule of 3 is officially in play. Hollywood better watch it’s ass.

PS-I’m not sure what the over/under is on the amount of girls posting some version of this:

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