Organ Removal: The Newest Weight Loss Fad?


The internet is abuzz with the most recent weight loss trend of shedding pounds by shedding organs. The movement seems to have started with Skylar Thome, a millenial Youtube star/baffling success story. “It all got started when my dumb grandpa got his kidney removed and lost hella weight lol. He got skinny af. He looked AMAZING at his viewing.” the convicted vapist said. “I first got my wisdom teeth and tonsils out. That was easy but I wanted to look into what else was taking up room. My idiot doctor wouldn’t take out my gallbladder or my kidney because of “the hippopotamus oath” or some shit. Luckily, doctors down in Rio are much more chill.”

Dr. Oz, the Surgeon General appointed by President Donald Trump, has raised some eyebrows within the medical community by endorsing these frivolous and downright dangerous procedures. “Medicine is not a science and nobody likes a fatty.” Oz commented. “Organ removal is the new tapeworm!”


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