Unanimous Face Of The Tolerant Left Makes Giant Misstep


Liberals are at a loss as the person they elected  to represent their entire worldview posted a picture that may be perceived as a threat against President Donald Trump. “I don’t know what to say. We can all agree how influential Kathy Griffin both in Washington and Hollywood.” an anonymous Snowflake said. “She’s a huge force in politics and her career is obviously skyrocketing right now. She certainly speaks for all us, is what I’m saying.”

“It’s really unpresidented, believe me, nothing like this, and you can ask people, smart people, they’ll tell you, has ever happened. I can’t imagine someone in such a position of power condoning violence.” President Trump said. “This is the most unfair any politician has been treated this unfairly. Plus she’s an ugly, I wouldn’t even move on her like a bitch. And she sucked on Reba.”


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