Former Sixer/Professional Basketball Watcher, Jason Richardson Retires

The NBA will enter the 2015-16 season without one of the most memorable dunkers in its history. In truth, though, Jason Richardson became a fan favorite at several stops in his 14-year career due to the effort he put in to ensure that he would be known for more than just his aerial ability.

Although his time with the Sixers was hardly even worth mentioning J-Rich had himself a pretty solid career. He might not have taken home any hardware and he never made the All-Star team but he did manage to win the dunk competition in back to back years, something only he, Jordan, and Nate Robinson have been able to do so far.

In my mind he’s right up there with Air Carter as one of the best dunkers of my lifetime. Good for Richardson realizing that a player like him has limited value when you lose your ups and getting out of the league at the right time. It’s sad when players stay too long.

PS- Never Forget

jrich off boozer's head


Budweiser Is Teaming Up With Clamato. Gross

As a borderline alcoholic I’ve poured some pretty vile concoctions down my gullet. From the vodka Gatorade mixes in high school to the rot gut whiskey and Vlad days of college, I’ve treated my taste buds and my liver like they had gangbanged my grandmother. But even I have my limits. What was the pitch here? Clamato juice is disgusting on it’s own, might as well dump booze in it. It sounds like one of the worse combinations I can think of.

I do have to give props to Annheuser-Busch for innovating new ways in which you can induce vomiting. This seems like a Hispanic-themed drink though so I’m sure it will fly off the shelves. This may be the first thing me and The Donald agree on.

Katie Nolan Goes For The Jugular On Demarco Murray

PHILADELPHIA — Eagles running back DeMarco Murray has a hamstring injury, and his status for Sunday’s game against the Jets in New York is considered questionable, a league source told ESPN’s Adam Caplan. The injury is not considered serious, the source said. Murray underwent an MRI after leaving practice Wednesday with the injury. He has run for just 11 yards in his first two games with the Eagles. Murray’s post-practice media availability Wednesday was canceled, and he was not in the locker room when reporters were allowed in there.

I only know Katie Nolan from her appearances on Barstool but she seems pretty funny but this is the definition of kicking a man when he’s down. Cousin DeMarco’s stats were abysmal for Monday’s game but I would place most of the blame for that on the Eagles’ offensive line or lack thereof. There was nowhere to run for DeMarco and on half those plays he was breaking tackles just to get back to the line of scrimmage.

I do have to give credit where credit is due though, that’s a clever analogy and she gets a 10/10 for her delivery.

Sixers Are Reportedly Interested In Signing Anthony Bennett

The Sixers could be in line to add another high first-round pick to the roster. According to a report from Yahoo! Sports’Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania, the Sixers are considering a waiver claim for former No. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett, who reached a buyout with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Sixers and Portland Trail Blazers “plan to look carefully at the possibility of claiming Bennett” the report stated, according to league sources.

Fittingly, The Sixers are becoming the Charlie Kelly of the NBA. By that I mean they pick through other teams trash and there’s a chance that Sam Hinkie is illiterate. That said I don’t hate this move. He was waived by the T’Wolves and was pretty awful his first 2 years in the league so they can sign him for next to nothing and there was a reason he was drafted where he was drafted. This is the kind of low risk, high upside move that Hinkie loves so much. Either he figures it out and Hinkie looks like a genius or he sucks and Tankadelphia continues. And…we are there. I just talked myself into liking a potential signing of this dumpster fire of a player:


Another Run Of The Mill Awesome Bill Murray Story

I’m obviously biased because we share the same name but is there anyone cooler than Bill Fucking Murray? Joel Murray is a notable actor from Mad Men and Shameless, Brian Doyle wrote Caddyshack and starred on SNL and they don’t even hold a candle to their brother.

And this story is vintage Bill Murray so cool, so smooth. I would lose my shit if I ever met the Grateful Dead or the Blues Brothers and Bill acts like jamming with these two superstar groups ain’t no thing. I love that he was messing with his brother all night just because he knew he could. It would both be amazing and terrible to be Bill Murray’s little brother. Constantly getting fucked with but also getting to meet the coolest people in the world.

PS- The number of delivery boys I’ve disappointed over the years is astounding. At first I was like ya, no duh Bill Murray isn’t in a shitty apartment in a bad neighborhood in Philly but as more and more of these stories trickle out it’s becoming totally believable that Bill Murray would randomly be at my apartment.

7’0 440 Pound High School Monster Has Some Potential



So The Mountain from Game Of Thrones plays high school football now apparently. The scouting report says he’s new to the game and relatively raw but his sheer size alone makes him a blocking asset. Even if he has no instincts or footwork trying to get through this fucking Goliath is a tall task. And can you imagine trying to throw over a guy with like a 9 foot wingspan? Batted balls all over the place.

Ultimately though these guys never seem to work out in the long run. He’ll dominate high school, get a full ride to a major school that will ultimately be more disappointed with his performance than a girl who I tricked into going home with me. My advice to John here is to capitalize on the assured scholarship that’s coming his way and live it up while it lasts.

PSA Mega-Blog: #RefLivesMatter

ESPN- John Jay High School assistant coach Mack Breed has resigned, according to a statement released by his attorney. Breed was accused of directing two players to blindside an official during a Sept. 4 game. Breed was supposed to appear this morning before a meeting of the University Interscholastic League in Round Rock, Texas, but now will not speak before the governing body of Texas high school sports.

There’s a lot to unpack here. Listen, I know refs suck. At their best they are not worth mentioning at their worst incompetent or corrupt. But I’ve been on the other side of this. I threw on the old black and whites and reffed flag football and intramural basketball in college. It goes without saying that I was awful at it. A number of times I thought wow someone should have called a foul there before realizing that was my only job. But you can’t go around ordering Code Reds on defenseless referees just because they keep calling holding on your shitty high school offensive line. I’ve seen the Friday Night Lines documentary series and understand that high school football along with racism and guns make up the Holy Trinity in Texas but at the end of the day that’s a person under those zebra stripes. Most likely a balding sad sack with a sexless marriage but a person nonetheless.

I could have told you from the start that a coach ordered that hit because high school football coaches are fucking terrifying. Especially in the South. Players live in fear of upsetting their coaches so they would never think of pulling a Charlie Kelly wildcard move like attacking the referees so blatantly.

The second video the kid at least made it somewhat believable. If it wasn’t caught on camera the ref probably would have believed the kid just got caught up in the play. But at this point you are basically on camera whenever you leave your house  for better or worse.

I’ll admit hockey is not my Will Forte but that hit seemed like a pretty blatant unnecessary check. This is a sport where actual fist fights break out almost every game and having a full set of teeth is a sign of weakness so I guess even the referees have to be total savages.

So if you want to attack the referees in the future, you have to be sneaky about it. Like this team:

You expect the hit from a safety or a linebacker. No one thinks the kicker is going to light you up. A+ planning by the coach. A+ execution by the virgin kicker.